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DURKOPP ADLER 867-394342 "AE"- M-TYPE ECO With XXL-Hook

ECO and CLASSIC describes clearly defined level of functionality and upgradability of all machines out of the M-TYPE platform. ECO stands for perfect seam results, low maintenance construction and a modern design without automatic functions like thread trimming, sewing foot lift, back tack, etc.

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DURKOPP ADLER 867-394342 "AE"- M-TYPE 867 Classic AE Highlights

DURKOPP ADLER 867-394342 "AE"- M-TYPE 867 Classic AE Features


  • Integrated direct drive with DAC eco M-TYPE control
  • The powerful and effective feeding system with bottom feed, needle feed and alternating top feed guarantees trouble-free and displacement-free material feed
  • The extremely high sewing foot lift up to 20 mm facilitates the feeding and removing of bulky workpieces
  • The high top feed stroke up to 9 mm allows a safe climbing over differently high material plies
  • Large clearance of 335 mm wide and 125 mm high
  • Excellent view on the sewing area
  • Increased productivity due to the XXL hook (70% larger bobbin capacity in comparison to the standard hook)
  • Complete range of sewing equipment, attachments and optional equipment, i.e. optimum equipment for nearly all sewing operations

Typical Field of Application

Sewing, trimming and simultaneous binding of quilts and bedspreads

Performance Features

  • Max. stitch length 12 mm
  • Max. sewing speed 3,000 stitches/min.


The control "DAC eco M-TYPE" has been especially designed for the M-TYPE ECO machines with DA direct drive and is integrated in the casing of the direct drive – nearly invisible for the user.

The Advantages:

  • Evenly filled binding edges by trimming the material edges directly in front of the binder
  • Neat appearance when sewing over the binding tape due to swivable edge trimmer
  • Easy removing of the trimming waste via large waste chute right beside the edge trimmer
  • Flat, displacement-free binding edges by moving binder
  • Sewing equipment for various trimming margins
  • High bobbin thread capacity due to XXL hook
  • Equipment features corresponding to the M-TYPE CLASSIC version like thread trimmer, automatic backtacking, pneumatic sewing foot lift, integrated LED sewing lamp and maintenance indicator


Flat bed sewing machine 
Bottom feed, needle feed and alternating feet
Vertical hook, extra large
     Hook to the left of the needle
Thread trimmer & seam backtacking, automatic
Automatic sewing foot lift / Control for two different stitch lengths / Foot stroke adjustable by dial with automatic speed limitation
 Edge trimmer

DURKOPP ADLER 867-394342 "AE"- M-TYPE 867 Classic AE Accessories and Parts

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Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.

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