DEMO SET! One and Only Good Condition Juki Sewing Machine HZL-29Z [Basic Sewing Machine for Armature]. 1 year warranty & 1 year Ban Soon Care
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DEMO SET! One and Only Good Condition Juki Sewing Machine HZL-29Z [Basic Sewing Machine for Armature]. 1 year warranty & 1 year Ban Soon Care

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DEMO SET! One and Only Good Condition  Juki HZL-29Z Sewing Machine with Box, 1 year warranty & 1 year Ban Soon Care

The functions in our new HZL-29Z are very intuitive. From its Automatic Needle Threading to the Easy Sewing Start feature, a 29Z is a delight to operate.

Once you own it, the word you will use most often to describe it is easy to operate. You want results? This nicely weighted and handy machine can deliver. Easy stitch selector, easy reverse feed lever, easy drop-in bobbin, easy 4-step buttonholing are a few of its traits.

Equiped with a Finger Guard, and protect your finger when sewing ad higher speed.

With the Stitch length setting knob, this basic model is equipped with more that what it has worth for. You get to set the stitch length easily and when necessary.

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Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S Sewing Machine Features

HZL-29Z is sleek and compact machine. A lightweight portable and easy to operate machine that can tackle most of your sewing needs. Simple to use, smooth and quiet operation, the HZL-29Z is a pleasure to work on your starter project in sewing.

The Juki 29Z features two extra front feed dogs to assist in feeding material more evenly than traditional feed systems designed. The Juki HZL-29Z is one compact machine that will sew all light weight fabrics with ease and sturdy.It sews a nice seam and would make a good machine for a young or beginning sewer, or a portable to take to classes.

Ease of Use for Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S

  • Simply lower the lever and turn it back and forth.
  • This single action makes it easy to thread the needle. Stitch patterns can be selected by the large, easy to operate dial.
  • The Reverse Feed Lever is also conveniently larger for simple operation.
  • Brightens the needle entry area.
  • LED light will not heat up even during long operations.
  • Buttonholes can be sewn neatly with 4 easy steps.
  • It is simple to prepare the bobbin thread and to clean the hook area.
  • The remaining amount of bobbin thread is visible through the transparent cover.
  • From light-weight material to denim. 2 extra Feed Dogs are located in front of the needle entry hole.
  • With the 7-point feed dog the machine feeds any light weight to heavy weight materials consistently.
  • The accessory box slides for free arm sewing.
  • Standard accessory parts can be neatly stored in the box.
  • Push the black button at the presser foot and make it parallel to the throat plate.
  • This makes it easy to start sewing multiple layers of fabric or overlapped materials.
  • Zigzag width can be adjusted by simply turning the Stitch Selection Dial.
  • For straight stitches, either the left or center needle position can be selected.

Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S Sewing Machine Highlights

Key Features & Specification for Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S

  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Large and Easy-To Use
  • White LED Light
  • 4-Step Buttonholing
  • Easy Drop-in Bobbin
  • 7-Point Feed Dog
  • Free Arm
  • Easy Sewing Start
  • 22 Stitch Patterns + Buttonhole
  • Changeable Needle Positions
  • Stitch Length: Max. 4mm
  • Stitch Width: Max. 6.5mm
  • Presser Foot Lift: 2-Step Max. 9.5mm
  • Dimensions:
  • Wide: 388 mm (15.275 inch)
  • High: 280 mm (11.023 inch)
  • Deep: 198 mm (7.795 inch)
  • Weight: 5.9 Kg (13 Lb)


Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S Sewing Machine Accessories and Parts


Included Accessories for Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S

    Add on to Sewing Starter Kits to start sewing when you received your new machine!

    Sewing Starter Kits


    Download File:

    Download Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S Brochure

    Download Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S Instructional Manual

    Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.


    Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.

    Juki HZL-29Z/CE-S Sewing Machine Review

    All in all, the Juki HZL 29Z is a good sewing machine. The stitch quality is by far superior to many other machines in its class. The large stitch selection dial is easy to use, although the stitch width and length adjustment might take beginners a little bit of time to get used to.


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