Bernette Funlock 42 Cover Stitch Machine (Swiss Design) [Open Box 10%]
Overlock / Serger Machine

Bernette Funlock 42 Cover Stitch Machine (Swiss Design) [Open Box 10%]

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Bernette Funlock B42 Cover Stitch Machine With Swiss Design

Condition: New

The low-cost 4-thread and 3 needle coverstitch machine for professional hems.

The bernette Funlock 42 is a coverstitch machine featuring a total of 3 different coverstitches with a width of 2.8 and 5.6 mm and a chain stitch. With it, you can provide your hems, edges and cuffs with professional stitches, giving your sewing project the perfect look. Excellent results can be achieved with the bernette Funlock 42, even with very stretchy fabrics and thin knitted fabrics. Threading the needles and loopers is also really easy, thanks to the separate needle threader and the looper threading mechanism. And to give you a good view of your sewing project, the bernette Funlock 42 also has a bright LED light.

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Bernette Funlock 42 Features

    • 4-thread / 3-needle cover stitch machine
    • Accessories in the looper cover
    • Bright LED light
    • Differential feed infinitely adjustable while sewing
    • Easy threading due to the colour-coded threading path
    • Including waste collector
    • The large working area to the right of the needles: 87mm
    • Manual needle threader

Funlock Tutorial Video

The bernette 42 Funlock is a coverstitch machine with a total of 4 coverstitches. Professional stitches on seams, cuffs and bindings give your sewing project a perfect look. Particularly stretchy fabrics or thin knitwear such as jersey can be handled perfectly with the bernette 42. The threading of the needle and looper is supported by a mechanical looper threader and a manual needle threader. And a bright LED light ensures excellent visibility on the large work surface.

Would you like to sew your own clothing that looks perfect inside and out? Then the stylish bernette Funlock models, with their modern Swiss design, are perfect for you. With them you can take care of cutting, neatening and sewing all in one step. They are the perfect addition to a sewing machine and give your clothing a professional finish. Decide for yourself whether a coverstitch expert machine or an overlock machine fits best in your sewing studio ‰ÛÒ or a combination model with both. The bernette Funlock models are easy to operate, have impressive stitch quality and high durability, and are attractively priced. Experience creative sewing enjoyment at the highest level.

Stitch Overview bernette Funlock 42

bernette Funlock B42

Bernette Funlock 42 Highlights

Easy threading due to the colour-coded thread guides

This is made easier by the colour-coded threading paths and the lower looper threader. Just follow the coloured symbols and you will soon have your bernette Funlock 42 threaded.

Easy threading due to the colour-coded thread guides

Large working area for large sewing projects

With 87mm of fabric passage space to the right of the needles, the bernette Funlock 42 also provides plenty of space for larger sewing projects. Another plus is that the work area is well lit by a bright LED light.

High sewing speed for efficient operation

The sewing speed of the bernette Funlock 42 can be regulated using the foot control up to a maximum of 1300 stitches/minute and enables very precise stitching at every stitching speed.

Convenient extras for more sewing enjoyment

You can store the most commonly used accessories neatly in the looper cover of your bernette Funlock 42, so they are always on hand.

Convenient extras for more sewing enjoyment


Wide coverstitches 2.8 / 5.6 mm
Speed (stitches/minute) 1,300

Bernette Funlock 42 Accessories and Parts


  • Standard presser foot Cover
  • Screwdriver (large size)
  • Oiler
  • Spool net (4x)
  • Spool cap (4x)
  • Brush
  • Needle set (ELx705)*
  • Needle Threader/inserter
  • Allen Screwdriver (small)
  • Tweezers
  • Spool holder (4x)
  • Dust cover

Included Standard presser foot serger/overlocker

The ideal aid for everyday overlocking work.

Standard presser foot serger/overlocker

Optional accessories

Binder attachment for unfolded bias tape

Binder attachment for unfolded bias tape

The binder attachment creates practical edge finishes with unfolded bias tape in a width of 40 to 50 mm. Self-cut bias tape or cross grain knit strips can also be used for a professional look.

Elasticator foot

Elasticator foot

The elasticator foot is best suitable for sewing projects with elastic bands. The fabric can be aligned evenly and exact sewing of elastic band for home furnishing, bathing or sports clothes goes smoothly.

Download for Bernette b42

Accessories content might vary and manufacturers reserve the right to change the content and/or accessories with similar value without prior notice.

Please check the product manual for the detailed list of included accessories.

Bernette Funlock 42 Review

Bernette is a renowne sewing machine brand for its class, functionality and style. The funlock 42 checks all three of the categories. Arriving very quickly and well packaged, it looked very good on the unboxing. The machine is intuitive and easy to use right off the bat. Beginners may be scared given the details of the machines but the manual helps tremendously. The looper was a little awkward to thread until it was done a few times until you get the hang of it. The B42 is a beautiful machine and easy to use, new projects using the Burnette are already being planned. The B42 sits easily and firmly on my hobby desk, it is quiet and looks and feels very capable and professional. All in all, the tad higher price of the machine is wellworth the satisfaction it brings.

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