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3 point feed Single Needle Lockstitch, Leather, Upholstery, Technical Fabrics & Heavy Duty Sewing

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Sub Class: MH2645 - 170242
The professional choice for all sewing operations in medium to heavy duty sewing operations such as automotive, upholstery, leather goods and technical textiles. The ergonomic equipment and the sewing parameters of the machine class MH2645-170242-33 meet the highest demands. The foot lift of up to 20mm allows effortless insertion of even voluminous material. The narrow sewing head with integrated LED light allows a perfect view of the sewing material at any time. The stroke height of the sewing feet is easily adjustable via a rotary dial. The standard quick stroke adjustment allows quick switching from standard stroke to high stroke and back by means of a knee lever. The sewing material can still be guided. Needle threads up to Nm10/3 (Tex300) can be processed, which also allows decorative seams with thick threads and a stitch length of up to 9mm. With a variety of different sewing components, the machine is a versatile tool in your day to day business. With the optional thread nipper you will have a clean seam start with both threads pulled to the bottom side of the sewing goods. The MH2645-170242-33 is a workhorse for a wide range of join sewing operations, especially in the upholstery, automotive and leather goods industry.