(Must Buy) Chako Ace water erasable Fabric Marker | Made in Japan
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(Must Buy) Chako Ace water erasable Fabric Marker | Made in Japan

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Chako Ace Fabric Marker Marking disappear automatically with time

  • This Eraser can erase mark or line written by this marker easily by tracing over it, when necessary.
  • The Purple color cap type is a marking pen which is combined with disappearing ink and Eraser at both tip.
  • Made in Japan
  • Markings disappear automatically, or use ERASER (at the other tip) for immediate removal.


4 types of Fabric Marker available:

1) Chako Ace water erasable Fabric Marker with instant Eraser - Purple Tip with Eraser | Medium Duration visibility. Disappear upon ironing or washed.

2) Chako Ace White-A water erasable Marker for dark fabrics - White Full bodied, White-A | WATER & HEAT Erasable Marker for Dark tone Materials. 1-4 days. 

3) Water Erasable only during wash - Blue (Long duration type) Blue Tip | Longer Duration visibility - Vanish when Ironing or washed

4) Air (3hrs disappear)  & Water Erasable Pen  - Pink (short duration type) Pink Tip | Short Duration markings, about 3 hours- Vanish when Ironing or washed

5) Get Combo set 4 pen | All marking will disappear upon ironing or washed.

(Must Buy) Chako Ace water erasable Fabric Marker with instant Eraser | Made in Japan 

 Video on Chako Ace Purple tip with instant Eraser For light Fabric: 


Do not hold it in your mouth

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