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OLFA Rotating Cutting Mat 30 RM-30 X 30 (195B)

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Variant: Rotating Mat 30 RM-30 X 30 (195B)

OLFA Rotating Cutt Mat 30 RM-30 X 30 (195B)

Part Number: 195B

Product Details of A3 Cutting Mat

Cutting Mat Size: 30 X 30

Rotating mats are perfect for cutting circles, squares, triangles, diamonds, and any shape which requires you to turn your project or body around. The two-piece mat has a non-slip stationary bottom layer and an interlocking green top cutting mat with yellow grid lines and markings which rotates 360o smoothly on the stationary base. Use rather rotary cutters and blades. Knives with a fixed blade may damage mat.  

Self-healing, an OLFA original technology refers to the ability of the surface to return to its original shape after being cut and are ideal for general quilt cutting. A three-layer structure ans soft cutting surface realize smooth cutting even after many years use.   Mats protect your work area and greatly extend the life of your blades.

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